Preprints of IIS SB RAS, 2009

Preprint 152
L.V. Gorodnyaya
A functional approach to programing paradigm description

The work describes research and specification of basic paradigms of programming. The author analyzes special features of programming languages of different levels, from Assembler to parallel programming languages. A functional approach to comparative description of implementation semantics of basic paradigms is proposed.

The author proposes a scheme of describing and defining paradigm features of programming languages. The approach is illustrated with fragments of programming languages of different levels, which belong to machine-oriented, system, imperative, functional, logical, object-oriented, and high-performance programming.

The work is supported by the RFBR grant # 08-01-00899-a.

Preprint 151
A.V. Budniy, A.D. Rusanov
Method of Internet Portal Visitors Profiling Using Semantic Web

Visitor profiling is a reasonable server content filtering method, which allows to provide content according to the visitor's preferences. The authors' goal is developing a new approach to Internet portal visitors profiling and implementing this method in form of a document web-server capable of forecasting the visitor's interests.

The main notions in an ontology are called subjects, they are extracted from the ontology based on certain criteria. Each ontology notion has a corresponding vector, whose coordinates characterize the closeness of the notion to a subject. It is possible to form a vector characterizing the closeness of a document to each subject based on the vectors of notions mentioned in the document. This vector is called a document profile. Each visitor has interests and therefore can be described with a similar vector, called a visitor profile. However, in contrast to the document vector, which is static, the visitor vector is adjusted each time the visitor reads a new document. Therefore, the visitor profile changes as the visitor's interests change. The visitor profile is compared with document profiles to find out which documents are more interesting to the user at the moment. The goodness is determined by the angle between the two vectors and their length. We can get quite accurate estimation using simple scalar vector multiplication.

Keywords: Visitors profiling, Semantic Web, semantic networks, vector model of information retrieval, ontology.

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