Preparation of the high skilled staff

The Institute has big postgraduate study and prepares for post-graduate students. There is Dissertational council on protection of doctor's theses on a specialty 05.13.11 in the field of physical and mathematical sciences.

IIS SB RAS works in close cooperation with Novosibirsk State University, which is the main source of students and young researchers for the Institute. Many employees of Institute (professors etc) work at the University part-time, and students pass their diploma practice in the Institute.

Employees of the Institute give 18 basic courses, and carry out more than 20 special courses, and also 10 special seminars in mathematical department of NSU. About the same number of special courses and special seminars are read and carried out by employees of IIS in information technologies faculty of NSU.

Annually more than 100 students pass their diploma practice in scientific laboratories of Institute.