Members of the Scientific Council of IIS SB RAS

Chairman of the Council

Andrey Palyanov, DSci, Director of IIS

Scientific secretary

Nasibulov Yegor, Ph.D.

Deputy Director (science)

Alexey Promsky, Ph.D.

Chairman of the Young Scientist Council

Nataliya Gribovskaya, Ph.D., senior researcher (with deliberative vote)

Members elected by secret vote

  1. Igor Anureev, Ph.D., senior researcher
  2. Tatiana Batura, Ph.D., senior researcher
  3. Mikhail Bulyonkov, Ph.D., head of Mixed Computation Laboratory
  4. Pavel Emelyanov, Ph.D., senior researcher
  5. Nataliya Garanina, Ph.D., senior researcher
  6. Sergey Goncharov, DSci, Academician of RAS, Director of IM SB RAS
  7. Viktor Kasyanov, DSci, Chief researcher, Head of Program Construction and Optimization Laboratory
  8. Irina Krayneva, DSci in History, Principal researcher
  9. Alexander Marchuk, DSci, Head of VLSI CAD Laboratory
  10. Denis Miginsky, Ph.D., researcher
  11. Denis Ponomaryov, Ph.D., senior researcher
  12. Viktor Selivanov, DSci, chief researcher
  13. Elena Sidorova, Ph.D., senior researcher
  14. Yuri Zagorulko, Ph.D., head of the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence