J. McCarthy Anniversary

The 4th of September is the 75th anniversary of John McCarthy, professor of the Stanford University, one of the founders of modern computer science.

Our dearest friend John!

In the day of your jubilee, we, your old friends in Novosibirsk, came together to look at old pictures.

Here it is the celebration of the 10th anniversary of Department of Programming in the TBK cafe in 1968. You are sitting near old scales and writing the text of a Minority Report song...

... or, maybe, of the speech you gave at the dinner.

Here is your neighbor, a bearded young man (occasionally Andrei Baehrs) reading the Minority Report song to another, even a more younger programmer.

Later on, during your last visit to Novosibirsk: you and Andrei Ershov are at the Summer school of young programmers.

We are pleased to see all these signs of our long-term friendship and fruitful collaboration. We are really happy that, beyond of all your well-known scientific achievements, so numerous that they are innumerable, we had luck to communicate with such a remarkable person. We hope and wish this will last forever.

Sincerely yours,
Andrei Baehrs, Lidia Gorodniaia, Aleksandre Rar, Lyudmila Zmievskaya
and all staff members of A.P. Ershov Institute of Informatics Systems in Novosibirsk

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