Laboratory of Information Systems

Head of laboratory — Marchuk Alexander

The Laboratory consists of several research teams whose activities can be briefly outlined as follows.

The work of VLSI Technology Group has been concentrated on CAD/CAM microelectronics and mechanical engineering. Within the framework of studying the feasibility of the application of new computational models to CAD engineering, basic representations and models of mechanical objects and graphical interfaces have been developed.

The researchers of 3D CAD Group are involved in design and development of the bCAD system intended for computer-aided drafting, design, 3D modeling and photorealistic visualization.

Information Systems and Networking Group has performed experiments on the construction and application of data base systems based on CLIENT/SERVER and Semantic Web architecture.

It is a matter of honor for the Laboratory to continue research in school informatics initiated by the late Academician A.P.Ershov. The activities of the Group of Educational Informatics have been now focused on the investigation of basic algorithms and notions of informatics and development of educational informatics systems including educational programming languages, teaching systems, education-oriented programming environments, and standard component set for constructing education software.

Research personnel

Andreeva Tatiana — Junior researcher
Demin Alexandr Viktorovich — Senior researcher
Gorodnyaya Lidiya — Senior researcher
Krayneva Irina — Principal researcher
Leshtayev Sergey Viktorovich — Junior researcher
Marchuk Alexander — Head of laboratory
Ponomaryov Denis — Senior researcher
Tikhonova Tatyana — Researcher

Technical personnel

Fursenko Aleksej — First grade programmer
Gorbunov Dmitriy — Second grade engineer
Kulik Mariia — First grade programmer
Marchuk Petr — Leading programmer
Philippova Marina — First grade programmer
Ryzhov Vladimir — First grade programmer
Troshkov Sergey Nikolaevich — Second grade programmer
Vodopyanova Natalya — First grade engineer