Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

Head of laboratory — Zagorulko Yury

The AI Laboratory is a modular laboratory consisting of four collaborating groups with different research subjects, namely: knowledge engineering, natural language processing, AI programming technologies, and AI tools and applications.

Research of Knowledge Engineering Group is concentrated on integration of the traditional knowledge representation means including ontology, and on their application to the technology of knowledge bases, knowledge Internet portals and expert systems development.

Natural language processing team is involved in creating natural language interfaces to information systems and robots. An original approach to semantic-based analysis is suggested for NLI construction.

AI Programming Technologies Group applies new computing paradigms such as constraint programming, subdefinite models, and soft computing to intellectual system design.

A wide spectrum of applied and instrumental systems has been designed and implemented in the Laboratory: NeMo+, SempTao, and Unicalc.

Research personnel

Ahmadeeva Irina — Junior researcher
Kononenko Irina — Researcher
Seriy Alexey — Junior researcher
Shestakov Vladimir — Junior researcher
Sidorov Vladimir — Senior researcher
Sidorova Elena — Senior researcher
Zagorulko Galina — Senior researcher
Zagorulko Yury — Head of laboratory

Technical personnel

Chagina Polina — Second grade programmer
Ilyina Daria Vladimirovna — Leading programmer
Zhukovskaya Svetlana — Technician