Laboratory of Complex Systems Simulation

Acting head of laboratory — Miginsky Denis

The main interests of the laboratory are directed onto development of new ones, perfection of existing algorithms and creation of the appropriate hi-tech software for a simulation of complex systems. Scientific researches are carried out in several directions.

  • Algorithms for analysis of signals arising in various types of oil wells logging: radioactive, electric, electromagnetic, nuclear magnetic.
  • Image and video processing, including compression.
  • Researches in mathematical linguistics oriented onto processing texts in natural language.
  • Bio-informatics, including the analysis of genetic sequences and a processing of electroencephalograms of brain and other physiological signals.
  • Parallel algorithms and architectures of computers.

Research personnel

Batura Tatiana — Senior researcher
Bruches Elena Pavlovya — Junior researcher
Cheremushkin Evgeny — Researcher
Miginsky Denis — Acting head of laboratory, Researcher
Semich Dmitry F. — Senior researcher
Shtokalo Dmitrii — Senior researcher
Trofimov Viktor Kupriyanovich — Chief researcher

Technical personnel

Antonets Denis — Leading programmer
Kazhikhova Larisa Andreyevna — Leading programmer